Our company have all field Overseas project and assignments works . we are working assignments work in world-wide , we have more project in hand and we are searching candidates for handle company projects and assignments work . we have more work in different field. Our company searching below different field candidates for International projects JOBS , Company Assignments JOBS ,

Business Administration (Banking & Finance) JOBS  ,   Business Administration JOBS  ,  Commerce JOBS  ,   Commerce in Business Policy and Corporate Governance JOBS  ,  Computer Applications JOBS  ,   Science Degree in Dietetics and Food Service Management JOBS  ,  Arts (Economics) JOBS  ,   MA (Distance Education) JOBS  ,    Education JOBS  ,    Arts(Education) JOBS  ,  Arts in Adult Education JOBS  ,    Arts (English) JOBS  ,

Arts in Extension & Development Studies JOBS  ,  Commerce in Finance & Taxation JOBS  ,    Arts in Gandhi and Peace Studies JOBS  , MA in Gender and Development Studies JOBS  ,    Arts in Women’s and Gender Studies JOBS  ,  Arts (Hindi) JOBS  ,    Arts (History) JOBS  ,    Science (Hospitality Administration) JOBS  ,

  Arts (Philosophy) JOBS  ,    Library and Information Science JOBS  ,    Commerce in Management Accounting & Financial Strategies JOBS  ,  MSc (Mathematics with Applications in Computer Science) JOBS  ,    Arts (Political Science) JOBS  ,  MA in Psychology JOBS  ,    Arts (Public Administration) JOBS  ,    Arts (Rural Development) JOBS  ,  Science in Counselling and Family Therapy JOBS  ,   Masters in Anthropology JOBS  ,    Social Work JOBS  ,  Social Work (Counselling) JOBS  ,    Arts (Sociology) JOBS  ,    Tourism & Travel Management JOBS  ,
   MA in Translation Studies JOBS  , Arts JOBS  ,  Commerce with Major in Accountancy and Finance JOBS  ,

BCom with Major in Corporate Affairs and Administration JOBS  ,  BCom with Major in Financial and Cost Accounting JOBS  ,  Commerce JOBS  ,   BBA in Retailing JOBS  ,    Computer Applications JOBS  ,
 Education JOBS  ,    Science (Hospitality and Hotel Administration) JOBS  , Library and Information Science JOBS  ,   BSc Nursing (Post Basic) JOBS  , Bachelor Preparatory Programme JOBS  ,   BSc JOBS  ,    Social Work JOBS  ,  Arts (Tourism Studies) JOBS  ,    Aquaculture JOBS  ,   Panchayat Level Administration & Development JOBS


Dairy Technology JOBS  ,    Early Childhood Care and Education JOBS  ,
 Women’s Empowerment and Development JOBS  ,    Creative Writing in English JOBS  ,  Fish Products Technology JOBS  ,    Nutrition and Health Education JOBS  ,  Value Added Products from Fruits and Vegetables JOBS  ,    Critical Care Nursing JOBS  ,  HIV and Family Education JOBS  ,    Management JOBS  ,    Meat Technology JOBS  ,  Nursing Administration JOBS  ,    Paralegal Practice JOBS  ,    Elementary Education JOBS

 Value-added Products from Cereals, Pulses and Oilseeds JOBS  ,    Teaching German as a Foreign Language

JOBS  , Tourism Studies JOBS  ,    Urdu JOBS  ,    BPO Finance & Accounting JOBS  , Watershed Management JOBS  ,    Bee Keeping JOBS  ,    Business Skills JOBS  ,  Community Radio JOBS  ,    Competency in Power Distribution (Technicians) JOBS  ,  Consumer Protection JOBS  ,    Disaster Management JOBS  , Elementary Teacher Education (for Tripura State) JOBS  ,  Energy Technology and Management  JOBS  ,    Teaching of English as a Second Language  JOBS  , Functional English (Basic level)  JOBS  ,    Environmental Studies JOBS  ,   Value Education JOBS  ,  Food and Nutrition JOBS  ,    Guidance JOBS  ,    Health Care Waste Management JOBS  ,  HIV and Family Education JOBS  ,    Home Based Health Care JOBS  ,  Information Technology  (ITJOBS )  ,

  Laboratory Techniques JOBS  , International Humanitarian Law JOBS  ,    Anti Human Trafficking  JOBS  ,
    Co-operation, Co-operative Law JOBS  ,   Human Rights JOBS  ,   NGO Management JOBS  ,    Maternal and Child Health Nursing  JOBS  ,    Newborn & Infant Nursing  JOBS  ,   Nutrition and Childcare JOBS  ,    Organic Farming  JOBS  ,    Indigenous Art Practices  JOBS  ,   Performing Arts - Bharatnatyam  JOBS  ,    Performing Arts - Hindustani Music  JOBS  ,  Performing Arts - Karnatak Music  JOBS  ,    Performing Arts -Theatre Arts JOBS  ,  Visual Arts - Painting  JOBS  ,    Visual Arts - Applied Arts JOBS  ,    Poultry Farming  JOBS  ,
    Rural Development  JOBS  ,    French Language  JOBS  ,    Arabic Language  JOBS  ,
    Russian Language  JOBS  ,    Sericulture  JOBS  ,    Social Work and Criminal Justice System  JOBS  ,
    Teaching of Primary School Mathematics  JOBS  ,    Tourism Studies JOBS  ,  Indigenous Art Practices  JOBS

Urdu Language JOBS  ,    Communication and IT Skills  JOBS  ,  Water Harvesting and Management  JOBS  ,     Urban Planning and Development  JOBS  , Analytical Chemistry  JOBS  ,     Audio Programme Production  JOBS  ,  Book Publishing  JOBS  ,  Criminal Justice  JOBS  ,     Disaster Management  JOBS  ,     Adult Education  JOBS  ,  Education Technology  JOBS  ,  Environment and Sustainable Development  JOBS  ,
     Extension and Development Studies  JOBS  , Folklore and Culture Studies  JOBS  ,  Sustainability Science  JOBS  ,     Food Safety and Quality Management  JOBS  , Gandhi and Peace Studies  JOBS  ,     Women’s & Gender Studies  JOBS  , Geriatric Medicine  JOBS  ,     HIV Medicine  JOBS  ,     Hospital and Health Management  JOBS  , Higher Education  JOBS  ,  Higher Education Management  JOBS  ,  Intellectual Property Rights  JOBS  ,     Journalism and Mass Communication  JOBS  , Library Automation and Networking  JOBS  ,     International Business Operations  JOBS  , Maternal and Child Health  JOBS  ,  Counselling and Family Theraphy  JOBS  ,  Pharmaceutical Sales Management  JOBS  ,   Plantation Management  JOBS  ,
     Pre-Primary Education  JOBS  ,     Educational Management and Administration  JOBS  ,
   PG  Mental Health  JOBS  ,     Rural Development  JOBS  ,     Counselling and Family Therapy  JOBS  ,

School Leadership and Management  JOBS  ,     Social Work among the Tribals  JOBS  ,  Applied Statistics  JOBS  ,   PG  Translation  JOBS  ,     Information Security  JOBS  ,  Agriculture Policy  JOBS  ,     Bangla-Hindi Translation  JOBS  , Cyber Law  JOBS  , Adult Education  JOBS  ,   Extension and Development Studies  JOBS  ,
     Gandhi and Peace Studies  JOBS  ,     Malayalam-Hindi Translation  JOBS  ,     Patent Practice  JOBS  ,     Information and Assistive Technologies for the Instructors of Visually Impaired  JOBS  ,   Advanced  Power Distribution Management  JOBS  ,     Geo informatics  JOBS  ,   Advanced  Information Security  JOBS  ,    Betel Vine for farmers  JOBS  ,  Integrated Pest Management Technology in Potato Cultivation JOBS  ,
 Dairy Farming  JOBS  ,   Awareness Programme on Value Added Products from Fruits and Vegetables    Motor Cycle Service and Repair JOBS  ,   Appreciation Course on Environment JOBS  ,



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